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This one scene was formative for me in ways I can scarcely describe. I wanted Kingsley’s character to win. Every time I watch it I still hope he will.









you guys remember when PETA stole people pets off their porches and euthanized them?

you guys remember how it came out that PETA kills about 90% of the animals it takes in, including healthy and adoptable puppies and kittens, stating “ We could become a no-kill shelter immediately. It means we wouldn’t do as much work”?

you guys remember when PETA advocated killing all pit bulls for the crime of being pit bulls?

you guys remember when PETA handed out these comics to children when there were no adults looking?

you guys remember when they made a porn site and then filled it with videos of animal abuse, and (also in that link) claimed cats should be vegetarian?

you guys remember when PETA lied about sheep shearing, got caught, and defended the lie as true even after they admitted the sheep in their picture wasn’t even real?

you guys remember when they tried to excuse their horrifying ways by claiming that the person who exposed them was manipulating the facts by taking them and putting them in the wrong context?

Because I remember. I remember everything. 

And I’m gonna make sure everyone else remembers too. 

Why would they kill pit bulls they’re sweeties

Because PETA does not care about animals. they do not care that these dogs live and breathe and feel and want love like every other dog. they do not care about the history of human/dog bonding and co-evolution, they do not care that dogs and human beings have relied on each other for millennia, they do not care that its cruel and morally repugnant to put down an animal just because you can, they do not care about animals. 

PETA cares about money and publicity, its a corporation run by a psychopath who is afraid of pitts as it states in the link: she was apparently bit by one, and now she hates them. 

PETA doesn’t give a rats ass about animals. They just want to kill and make money off of idiots who fall of their spiel.

Some celebs support them

ah c’mon, dear-tumb1r, I think you’re being a bit harsh. I mean, okay, PETA’s done some questionable things, but it’s not like they’ve also

-spread false information about milk causing autism based on outdated bullshit information

-used holocaust imagery to compare the meat industry to concentration camps (no pictures)

-used a young man’s brutal death as a way to say “yeah that’s awful but it happens to animals every day and nobody cares about that” (tw: no pictures but the way the guy died is described and it is really horrible)

-dressed up in KKK robes and protested outside of the Westminister Dog Show to protest breeding/pure bred dogs (tw: racism)

-offered to pay the water bill for literally the poorest neighborhood in Detroit if and only if they all went vegan for a month (tw: self-righteous shitheads)

-and they definitely didn’t have two of their workers accept perfectly healthy animals from an animal hospital, with the implication that they would give them good homes, clarify that these animals were all healthy and well-tempered, and then euthanized them all in the back of a kill-van before dumping their dead bodies behind a grocery store (tw: PICTURES OF DEAD ANIMALS, animal death)

-and they totally didn’t get off pretty much scot-free for it because PETA has loads of money and lawyers to defend themselves, which coincidentally might be why the Cerate family hasn’t seen justice for their kidnapped and murdered dog, Maya. (tw: animal death)

Nah. PETA’s not that bad.

(/the heaviest of all my fucking sarcasm, I am salty as a fucking winter road, lord do I fucking hate PETA)

Did you think i was fucking joking, PETA?

I will make sure everyone fucking remembers what you’ve done. 

Bringing it back, because it’s charity season and people need to know NOT to give charity to these fuckers. 

PETA: “It’s actually about ethics in animal treatment…”

PETA: making vegans look like psychopathic, intellectually dishonest shitheads since 1980.

Progress was made quickly after the team committed to an adult discussion.

‘Ultimately,’ Rogers remarked, ‘I don’t agree. But I get why Tony’s concerned.’

‘Thanks Cap. You raise compelling points yourself.’

‘Sure is complicated,’ sighed Rhodes.

‘A proposal,’ said the Vision, having been quiet. ‘If the accords fail to address the full complexity of our context, might we reply with an alternative?’

Wilson looked up. ‘You’re saying negotiate?’

‘Could work,’ said Stark. Rogers nodded.

‘Well,’ replied Romanov. ‘Thank God that didn’t escalate.’

- If The Avengers Had Basic Emotional Skills
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Netflix’s new site is a giant “f*ck you” to Comcast and Time Warner

Netflix launched a site late Wednesday night called, where — in one click — anyone browsing the internet can see how fast their internet speed is. Although it’s great for consumers, some internet providers might not be happy about the new website.

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Fuck Comcast

Netflix didn’t invent that it’s been around

Netflix didn’t invent speed checks, but this site is Netflix’s.

Okay, so here’s why Netflix speedtest is so brilliant. 

Most of us know about, right? Well Comcast and Time Warner know about it too. They know customers use it to check to see if they’re getting what they are paying for. Comcast techs even tell customers to check their speed with 

So, to make sure people think they are getting good speeds, Comcast and Time Warner prioritize traffic going to When you check your speed there it’s artificially inflated. That is NOT the speed you are getting when you browse tumblr and that is definitely not the speed you get when you watch Netflix. 

Comcast and Time Warner can not artificially inflate the results by prioritizing traffic to unless they also prioritize traffic to Netflix, and they definitely do not want to do that. 

That is so fucking slimy. Good for Netflix



A Brief History of Mainstream Comics in America   

by Darwyn Cooke

“David Icke’s claim that the world was run by a cabal of extra-dimensional lizard people is, of course, ridiculous. But as anyone who’s seen the inside of a department meeting can tell you, it’s still more plausible than the idea that academia runs the world, so let’s go with it.”

- Probable start of “Lizard People, Dear Reader.” If you want to read more, my Kickstarter needs to hit $10k. So either back it, reblog this, or both. :)





  1. You are not about to say all Jews are white, are you? They are not. Historically Jewish groups such as the Sephardim and Mizrahim are not white. According to all movements of Judaism every person a Jew gives birth to is 100% Jewish, regardless of the race of either parent.

  2. You are not about to suggest that Jews outside the United States are white, are you? Using only terms like “white” and “of color” to define racial boundaries is a US-specific phenomenon rooted in the unique way slavery manifested itself in the country. In Europe it was a white supremacist ideology that motivated the genocide of Jews.

  3. You are not about to refer to European Jews as “white Jews”, are you? “White Jews” is a term that European antisemites applied to gentiles who were sympathetic to Jews during the Holocaust. When people apply it to European Jews, they are racializing them and de-Judaizing them. (Note: If you doubt the points made after Question 2 above, ask yourself how anyone would have thought to refer to gentiles as white Jews if they considered Jews white.)

  4. You are not about to suggest that Ashkenazi Jews originated in Europe, are you? To do so would be to regurgitate a pseudo-scientific claim that some have used to deny Jews their heritage while appropriating it for themselves.

  5. You are not about to imply that US-based hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan think of Jews as white, are you? They definitely do not.

  6. You are not about to deny the history of forced assimilation that has brought about the situation in which many Jews have light skin, are you?

  7. You are not about to try to make a distinction between people who are “religiously” Jewish and people who are “ethnically” Jewish, are you? Such a distinction has no basis in history, in anthropology, or in Jewish law.

  8. You are not about to suggest that to be Jewish is to have an invisible oppression, are you? Because many Jews share genes or share a culture, many Jews have characteristics that can be used to identify them as Jews.

  9. You are not about to minimize the oppression of Jews to make a point about a different oppression, are you? All oppression, including horizontal oppression, is deplorable. The only way to win the Oppression Olympics is not to play.

I like this post, but just something that should be considered: “You are not about to say all Jews are white, are you? They are not. Historically Jewish groups such as the Sephardim and Mizrahim are not white.“ 

Historically we aren’t white in the same way which Ashkenazim aren’t white in some situations and places. But there are, and this is not actually uncommon, Sephardim (especially Sephardim) and Mizrahim who are white — in the broad definition of white (N.B.: I am not saying that they are white European).

This sometimes becomes a problem for white Sephardim and Mizrahim who others (outsiders to our communities almost always) keep taunting, saying that they aren’t Sephardi/Mizrahi because they’re white. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

Some of my family members look super Ashkenazi (they’re thought to be Ashkenazi when they come to Canada, or when they travel elsewhere), and some others look just super white (like, non-Jewish white white white)… We’re all Sephardi/Mizrahi/Maghrebi. :P

But here’s what I really, really, really like (one of them, because the post is good) @faithfulimage

Using only terms like “white” and “of color” to define racial boundaries is a US-specific phenomenon rooted in the unique way slavery manifested itself in the country.

The term “of colour” is not universal, and is not interchangeable with “not white.”

The only Jews who I personally consider to be white are gentile converts to Judaism who are of European origin and descent.

And even then, once people find out that they’re Jewish, they lose white privilege.

There’s a difference between white and White.

But I’m reblogging this so your considerations are visible to others, too.



Bowie understood Basilisks.

In the style of JL8, Little Sherlock wherein a 5-year-old Great Detective is constantly annoyed by the condescending stupidity of everyone around him.



Just found this online more-or-less by accident – a PDF of the original English translations of Borges’ collected fiction, in the versions Borges worked on and approved during his lifetime.
After Borges’ death, his widow fell out with the translator, took these versions out of print, and commissioned the inferior translations which are in print now…

Somewhat puzzled by this - I believe the original translation of “Funes, His Memory” was “Funes the Memorious.” (Which is apparently less accurate, but clearly better.)

The Andrew Hurley translations here are the version that’s in print. This is just a pirated copy of the currently in print version of the book.



My mom found this while we were cleaning up the house. Truth be told, don’t remember owning this at all as a kid. #batman #batmantas #maskofthephantasm #vhs #vcr #classic #comics

Best Batman movie.

Agreed. This is by far the best-ever Batman movie.



I was going to write up a little essay about the way Hamilton incorporates Brechtian performance techniques and whether Brecht still packs any punch in the twenty-first century. 

But then for some reason it became a rap battle instead.

Proceed at your own risk.

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Oh my god you guys musical theatre commentary IN THE FORM OF A RAP BATTLE ARE YOU KIDDING ME

This is amazing

Watched: Hail, Caesar! Fun Coen bros romp if not their best film, love letter to classic Hollywood. Reminded me of the Hudsucker Proxy.

Watched: The Magicians ep 4. Variation on a Buffy premise, veering ever farther from the books. Still, the shows clearly having a lot of fun with its universe and I like it.

Read: continued reading First Last Snow, forth of Max Gladstone’s wonderful magical universe novels. Finding this one slower than previous volumes but still masterfully written.

Read: continued ongoing study re-read of The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, one of my favorite novels, to take it apart and see how it works.


Comic panel  | Jack Kirby | 1966

[More Jack Kirby | Comics | Robots on Rhade-Zapan]

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I’m not editing this, so I apologize if it’s long and rambly and messy. It needs to be. I’ve been measured and silent and obedient for so, so, so long, but if I’m going to write about denied humanity it needs to be like this. You need to see unsanitized, reckless honesty just as much as I need to write it. Targets of mob abuse take a risk every time we’re brutally honest in public, so we usually don’t, but I’m too frustrated to give you PR and I’m working against the clock. If I’m gonna get hurt for an update in my court case, it’s about fucking time it happens on my terms instead of his.

I just hung up from what I hope will be my last phone call with the District Attorney assigned to my case, and I choked back tears as she told me that I’d conducted myself with grace through this whole nightmare. I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m writing this and examining it as I go through the fog of someone with PTSD. I don’t know if the tears are out of frustration of having sunk a year and a half into this awful system for seemingly less than nothing, or if it’s out of relief.

My ex, who we’ll call Creep Throat because seeing his name makes a knot of anxiety rise in my throat, will be notified soon that the charges were dropped, but not why. I’m sure he’ll launch another salvo of flat out lies and spun truths to make it seem like the last year and a half was a byproduct of me “asking for it”, that the courts saw through it, while making him seem like a downtrodden hero of free speech. He managed to do that with previous court dates, leaving out things like a judge flat out stating that she believed he had physically assaulted me during the last time we had sex, and that he’d gone through my friends social media feeds of the day afterward to prove that I wasn’t “acting like a victim” by spending time with friends.

So, instead of just watching this happen for the who-knows-how-manyth time, I’m going to talk about it. It’s not really about me as much as it is an attempt to dispel some common bullshit assumptions the average person has about the justice system, and what it means to “press charges”.   

One of the biggest myths that needs to die is that your first response to being abused should be to go to the police and seek justice. Leaving aside the fact that the police flat out murder unarmed citizens for their race all the time, and that sex workers are likely to be incarcerated when reporting crime done to them, and a myriad of other things I can’t get into, I have a certain amount of privilege and a well-documented case. I have one of the most public abuse cases out there, it started a hate movement that’s swept up my industry and hurt dozens of bystanders, and got international media attention. A lot of people don’t think of it in terms of domestic violence, they forget where the flashpoint of GamerGate came from - you might not even know the man responsible’s name. To make matters worse, I was unable to speak up during that time period out of fear of reprisal from the judicial system (more on that later) and watched as he was washed out of history (along with a lot of other people targeted). I was on my own on this front, until the Boston Magazine article was posted by a journalist who had been following everything and speaking with my ex. Shortly after, I got a call from the DA telling me that I shouldn’t have been told to simply go offline, and that she knew we had a very strong case worth prosecuting.

So why am I dissolving it then?   

Ironically, getting a restraining order against Creep Throat was the least effective thing I could do in terms of getting him out of my life for good, and for protecting myself. I’ll discuss the hot mess of problems around that experience at a later time. Without getting into a long, complicated blow by blow, every time something happened or the case was updated, he’d run back to the mob and make promises and jokes and pleas for more money. The mob would respond by going after me, my family, and anyone else they decided was involved. The mythology surrounding me would expand, conspiracy charts would “prove” I am secretly rich and really deserved it all along, and inspire more threats, stalking, and abuse. The cycle repeated itself endlessly. People kept getting hurt for being close to me, for a poorly worded restraining order that did nothing.

This cycle was so vicious that I even vacated the order myself once he appealed, hoping to make it end. I gave him the legal relief that he’d asked for. It might sound weak but I’m not made of stone, I’m a scared person trying to escape her abuser in spite of the fact that he’s created a self-perpetuating faction within my own industry to continue to punish me for walking away. It wasn’t about him fighting a powerful evil woman, or gaining his oh-so-crucial right to sic a mob on me, it’s always been about punishing me. It was about using it as a way to hurt me further, so when I gave him what he ostensibly wanted he actually *showed up to object to my motion to vacate the order and hand him a win*. The court dismissed him, and the order has been dead for months, and yet he’s back on Kotaku In Action chumming the waters about the oral arguments they’re hearing on a nonexistent order next month.

He gets paid, he gets attention (he even brought a date to court once), and the cycle continues. All the while, shit gets worse and worse for me and my family. The simple fact of the matter is the criminal justice system is meant to punish, not protect. I don’t care about seeing him punished - I would rather he get better. And they’ve done nothing to protect me - it’s only made things worse and become another weapon in his arsenal, and the arsenal of the people out there way scarier than him.

This is the last email I sent to my DA.


It was a reddit thread that showed up in my Google Alerts for my name, that I had set up to help grow my indie dev business before all this started like so many people in my industry. The title was “if eron goes to jail, I will hunt zoe quinn down and rape her”. Alerts and direct contact like this, specifically discussing the court case, was only escalating and becoming more common. I’m used to things like this at this point, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect me. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect anyone close to me who becomes collateral damage in this sick crusade my ex started against me. The continual escalation only ever increases the chances that someone will make good on something like this. Trying to get the law to protect me has only continually put me in harm’s way.

Why, then, would I ever want to sign up for more years of my life spent flying back to Boston, a place where it’s not safe for me to be, to continue another chapter in this nightmare? Why would I want to keep digging at a giant scar?

“Establish legal precedent!” you might think. I did too. Then Elonis v United States offered little hope that a court wouldn’t skirt the issues of how domestic violence manifests online. Then Steph Guthrie and her co-defendant lost their case, the transcripts showing equal parts “she was asking for it” and “how did this get in there i am not good at computers”. Going to court is like rolling the dice, the precedent you established isn’t up to you, and I didn’t want to risk becoming a tool in the next Creep Throat’s arsenal if we lost. I have have worked with enough lawmakers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges at this point through our work with Crash Override to know that education is sorely lagging behind on these issues, not to mention the cultural biases that come with any cases like that.

You probably know that judges and juries can be biased and hold backward views and assumptions, given that you’re a human in 2016 reading this blog and have probably seen at least one news story about a cop getting away with murdering an unarmed black citizen without so much as a trial. You may have seen it in any reporting on how unlikely it is for rape survivors to see justice combined with how backward everyone is about talking about it. This is at least partly because the US has a very specific idea of who is worth protecting, doubly so when the person in question is being victimized while marginalized.

When you seek charges, you’re on trial as much as the other person, if not more. The “asking for it” defense is alive and well even in 2016, and you have to be a “good victim” in order to give your case the best shot it has. “Good victim”, when it comes to women in domestic or gendered violence cases like mine, tends to mean a lot of loaded, even conflicting things. The courts do not favor a lot of women simply for being who they are - women of color, trans women, sex workers, I could go on. Even beyond that, you have to be well behaved and silent about the proceedings, or risk pissing off the judge and giving the defense attorneys ammo to work with. Even my Cracked article was waved around in court by my ex’s lawyers, citing it as “the most disgusting thing that happened during GamerGate” despite my almost one foot stack of threats and photos of me that people had printed out, jizzed on, and sent to my family. The defense, so far, had hung a hat on trying to prove I deserved all of this.  

I have been open about my depression and my history in sex work. I have not gone out of the public eye during all of the abuse, and I don’t regret that. I believe in standing up for sex workers and people living with mental health concerns and anyone else I can, and I don’t know what would have happened if I had kept my mouth shut when I was targeted two years ago. But this comes with a cost - everything I have said and done will be held against me and spun by my abuser. The cost of being who I am in defiance of the abuse was sacrificing being a good victim.

The spin is even more successful in these cases, because of how disconnected judges, lawyers, police, and juries often are from the internet. One told me to simply give up my career and stop going offline if I didn’t like the abuse. He barely bothered to look at my huge stack of evidence before declaring he had no idea what the internet was about and didn’t want to know.

All the while, it’s hard to explain the indignity of having to sit through this and try to be a “good victim”. To sit in the same room as the man who did this to you and so many others and not appear too emotional or shaken, because the last time you said “uh” too much it became “proof” that you were lying instead of reliving trauma on command. To hide your anger and your outrage and your hurt so you don’t look like you’re seeking revenge, but to also not hold back TOO much because then you look robotic and unaffected like you haven’t been in fear of this man or in fear for your life for almost two years. To have to sit silently while everyone messes up basic facts of the case because they can’t tell the difference between usernames. To leave little bloody half moons in the palms of your hands from squeezing your fists tightly to try to look like you aren’t shaking from being in the same room with him.

What good does any of this do for anyone? It’s been almost two years now, and I desperately want to move on with my life. Even if I did win, I doubt locking Creep Throat away would do anything. Even putting aside my huge misgivings with the US prison system, he’s not going to change. The people who support him would see him as a martyr. I’d probably be looking at years of appeals and court dates and apologizing to my family for MRAs screaming at them in the middle of the night.

I’m tired. I have been trying to pick up the pieces of my life for almost two years at this point, and I’ve done a lot of healing, a lot of building what I feel like are more workable pushes to improve the lives of people being abused online, and a lot of self-improvement. I’m getting to a place where I’m kind of ok even while the abuse hasn’t slowed down. But every time I have to touch this festering part of my life, it drains the energy out of me. I have less energy to do casework at Crash, less energy to meet with tech partners to tell them how to do better and the ways they’re fucking up, less energy to make my goofy video games about feelings and farts, less energy for my friends and family and loved ones that have been helplessly watching me torn apart by this man for years.

In my opinion, it’s not time yet. I’m not the right person to win this fight or set this precedent. It’s too early, and I’m a messy complicated artist who has a hard time keeping her mouth shut while she watches other people hurt. I’m not the platonic ideal of a good victim because I’ve had a long past. I don’t even have any faith in the system to not totally fuck it up every step of the way even when it’s working as intended. The simple fact of the matter is that I’m less useful to the world as someone who fought this case, win or lose, than someone who can throw all hope of winning away to be honest with you, to educate you, to try and call for reform so I can set the next girl up for a spike instead of falling on my face. That’s even assuming the process doesn’t kill me - I’m still someone who was already living with depression, that now has complex PTSD on top of it.

I’m scared of posting this, but I’m tired of hiding and keeping my head down and plodding along. I know it’ll kick some shit up, everything does, but I also know he’s going to try to twist this stuff like he always has. I’m tired of letting him control me. I’m tired of being afraid of being honest. I’m tired of watching people hand out “just go to the police they’ll protect you” while I silently scream and bite my tongue, because I know the advice-giver is giving horrible, ignorant advice. It’s so much more complicated than that, and if someone decides to go to the cops about their abuser they should be doing it with a more informed and prepared plan than I ever did. They shouldn’t have to have their lives hijacked for years to find out that that’s what they were even risking in the first place. I wish I had those two years back. The least I can do to make that right is to be honest and open with the world while trying to reduce the cost of maneuvering through these systems. The least I can do is try to succeed at getting my life back where the courts have utterly failed.    

I won’t ever get my life back, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live in the meantime. Hopefully the next girl won’t have years stolen from her in the first place.

And again, sorry if I’ve put my foot in my mouth through any of this unedited brain dump. It’s been a really, really long 2 years and I am more than a little tired. 

*slow clap*

There was more, I didn’t include the whole thing! It was from the comments section on some review of Hell Bent. Ah, thanks to the magic of Googling exact quotes, I’ve found it again:

‘Dr. Who has become a show about “girl power”. In this episode the Dr. was emasculated and reduced the role of a sidekick in his own program. The Dr. is supposed to be the smartest person in the room, but every season we continue to meet female characters who outwit and out think him at every turn. Christ they turned the Master into Missy. And I hate the idea that regeneration now can change someone’s sexuality. That was never ever a part of the original canon, but I digress. I thought it was completely foolish that Ashilda and Claire would be able to operate a TARDIS. I thought they were al telepathically linked to their Timelords. I want this show to be about science fiction again! It’s been too caught up in the importance of the Dr’s companions. Adric died, and the Doctor was severely wounded by that death, but he never ever once thought about breaking the laws of space time to resurrect him. There are millions of multiple versions of Clara in the timestream, why get fixated on one? Unless Moffat is purposefully creating a progression where the Dr. becomes the evil version of himself (the Valeyard) I didn’t understand the purpose of the episode at all. I was deeply disappointed and I think I’m dropping the show after the Christmas Episode. This could have been so much of a better story if the Dr. would have gone rouge for a noble reason. But to betray Galifrey and the trust of his own people for one companion that’s not the Doctor.’

We, as a people, determine what is and is not of value mostly through what we believe to be legitimate and worthy of significance. And in late capitalism, we have all basically agreed to allow the market to dictate what is and is not of legitimate value. (This is what social critics recognize as neoliberalism.)

But what the market deems valuable is not necessarily aligned with what is ultimately good for us as a society, or even what we want. Because under conditions of extreme inequality, the market is biased toward people who have lots of money, at the expense of virtually everyone else.





Criticism, Etc.