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Are there Deviant Art groups I should be a part of now that I’m making comics again? Anyone know about this stuff?

So this is my first comic in about 15 years. I decided to try it again, to do something just for the pleasure of it.

Ira Glass is famous for saying when you begin at something your taste is better than your skill, and that’s true here. The limitations of my abilities are on display, but it’s a start, and hopefully this little adventure is something you’ll get a kick out of. It’s a simple thing, but I enjoyed making it, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

It’s called Maria Hidalgo in the Secret of the Egg






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the idea that he’s saying this sarcastically is completely horrifying

You know what bugs me? The big push is for health care to be treated as a right, and it should be, but it’s so much easier to feed everyone. People’s medical needs can be very specific and require expert care, while nutritional needs are nearly identical in all humans, and no one needs a Ph.D to put a fork to their mouth. I’ve driven cross-country - we have more than enough corn and soy and potatoes to at least fill everyone’s belly.
Can’t do that though! Making sure everyone can eke by on staple foods is Communism!

Watching the first few episodes of Steven Universe, it’s clear that Steven is a menace and shouldn’t be allowed on missions under any circumstances.

Also “Meat Beat Mania”? Really?

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That’s right, the best sci-fi comedy in a good long time and the first openly queer sci-fi comedy ever is now available to everyone, everywhere. Please, share it with all your friends. Watch the everloving shit out of it. Because the more you do, the easier it’ll be for series creator Paul Feig to pitch season two!

The series features Ghostbusters: Answer the Call actors Karan Soni (Benny) and Neil Casey (Rowan), as well as Mystery Science Theater 3000 alumni Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu.

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump:

Shame them. Start with Diane Feinstein


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, this twitter account is posting the names and photos (when available) of refugees turned away from America who became victims of Naziism. #NoBanNoWall #RefugeesWelcome 

(Please leave this caption in place.)

Trump will require all EPA science to be screened by political staffers


What could it possibly be?

My new Tumblr: is just links to horrible things that Trump has done, updated daily.

The idea is to provide a record that can be referred to of everything he’s done as he does it.

Still haven’t backfilled the last few days; not sure Tumblr allows for the backdating of posts.



THIS is what you’re defending: 

A punch is too fucking soft. 

Someone needs to punch him with a car




With the close of the 2016 election — what John Oliver called “Oh, I Get It: We All Died, and This Is Hell, and Satan Has Cursed Us to Live Out This Nightmare for All Eternity 2016” — the obsession with the GOP’s identity crisis faded, and observers turned their intellectual energy to dissecting the Democratic Party’s failure.

Some attribute Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss to the breakdown of the party’s strategy, built on marrying neoliberal economics with the politics of social inclusion. Bernie Sanders has loudly reaffirmed his commitment to making class politics the Democrats’ defining feature in hopes of turning Trump voters attracted to a message of economic populism, as well as the many more Americans who did not vote at all, into a new political movement. In response, Sanders has had to contend with accusations that he’s endorsing Trump’s white nationalism and that his criticism of certain forms of identity politics amounts to white supremacy.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Sanders has faced this controversy. During the primaries, Hillary Clinton rhetorically asked, “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow, would that end racism? Would that end sexism?” And in the October 2015 debate, when Sanders proclaimed that “we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people,” she reminded Americans that “we are not Denmark.” Implicit in her comment was the long-standing myth that the Nordic states can provide such a robust welfare state only because of their racial and ethnic homogeneity.

Though those states have their limits, it’s easy to see why many Bernie supporters look to them to as models for achieving broad economic prosperity and equality. The Trump years mean that it’s more important than ever to grapple with how to build a new class coalition while rejecting the white nationalism attached to Trump’s campaign. We can do this by looking to the history of the Nordic welfare states to understand how they were constructed. Though eroded by rounds of austerity and increasingly embattled by right populism, they remain one of the best examples we have of class organizing that yields lasting results.

“Universal Welfare ≠ Homogeneity”

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I mean, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are not these mythical post-racial utopias though?


I don’t care how progressive you are or how oppressed you are yourself:

If your comments about Jews echo anti-Jewish white supremacist talking points or disregard the targeting of Jewish people by neo-Nazis, then you are upholding white supremacy and your activism is meaningless, and you should be ashamed.

The political event of the day: the Ithaca Psychogeographic Liberation Front issues Articles of Secession.:


from @philsandifer, the weightiest political declaration that could possibly happen on 20th january 2017




Hillary 2016





Eric Idle of Monty Python Performs His Swear-Filled Holiday Song ‘F**k Christmas’

I paused JEREMY IRONS to watch this.

I regret nothing. Oh, Eric. Still the best. 

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Old Doctor Who had some wonderful set design



“You misspelled ‘Weltanschauung’” is perhaps the driest line in comics history.

I posted this two and a half years ago and I still hold this opinion. Also, Bill Watterson was so spot on with his commentary on the arts.