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This isn’t because Burger King is nicer in Denmark. It’s the law, and the US is actually the only so-called “developed” country that doesn’t mandate jobs provide a minimum amount of paid vacation, sick leave, or both.

kinda debunks that claim that they can’t afford to pay their workers those sort of wages and still make a profit

Its corporate greed, plain and simple.

It is the same in Sweden. It is so funny every time an american company opens up offices here and then tries to do it the american way and all the unions go “I don’t think so”.

Like when Toys ‘r Us opened in sweden 1995.

They refused to sign on to the union deals that govern such things as pay/pension and vacation in Sweden. Most of our rights are not mandated by law (we don’t have a minimum wage for example) but are made in voluntary agreements between the unions and the companies.

But they refused, saying that they had never negotiated with any unions anywhere else in the world and weren’t planning to do it in Sweden either. 

Of course a lot of people thought it was useless fighting against an international giant, but Handels (the store worker’s union) said that they could not budge, because that might mean that the whole Swedish model might crumble. So they went on strike in the three stores that the company had opened so far.

Cue a shitstorm from the press, and from right wing politicians. But the members were all for it, and other unions started doing sympathy actions. The teamsters refused to deliver goods to their stores, the financial unions blockaded all economical transactions regarding Toys ‘r Us and the strike got strong international support as well, especially in the US.

In the end, Toys ‘r Us caved in, signed the union deal, and thus their employees got the same treatment as Swedish store workers everywhere.

The right to be treated as bloody human beings and not disposable cogs in a machine.

And now you know why unions have been systematically dismantled in the US. Because they get shit done.


I wish we still had powerful unions

Anya Elizaveta Rosenfield, born March 28th, 2017

Templeton smashed the door inward with a flick of his hand and a spark of magic. Simultaneously, Crowler motioned with her arms like two blades crossing over a throat, raising the ignition point of the gunpowder in the room.

The door slammed to ground in a cloud of dust to an applause of gun clicks.

The two agents rushed in like a tidal wave.

David Byrne’s Joan of Arc musical was a suprisingly straightforward retelling of the story that hewed pretty closely to the French contemporary version of the narrative. I expected a lot more critical a take; rather than nakedly presenting the French cause as right and the British as oppressive occupiers, they could have gone into the ways in which the Hundred Years’ War was kind of a big pissing contest between successive kings at massive cost of life, and how the Norman/English territories in France were taken away from the British in the first place. Instead we get British bad, French good (though the French king is shown to sacrifice Joan for political expediency).

Also the Church is portrayed in a strangely uncritical way. Instead of going into how they could be seen as collaborators with the British who burned Joan at the stake for political reasons, they portray the Church and the bishop who oversaw Joan’s trial as an essentially tragic figure trying to do what’s right. Considering as soon as the French were in ascendency again and the English driven out of France, the Church was quick to give in to political pressure and (postumously) nullify the charges against Joan, it seems like their callow opportunism could have been dug into a lot more.

Also, no interrogation at all of whether or not Joan was really crazy or actually talking to saints; the play plays pretty straight with her visions, and the French believe her the British and the Church don’t. She seems to never question it, even when she’s signing a confession that she lied under coercion. It’s kind of weird, especially given modern understandings of psychology.

All in all, even as the characters are dressed in modern leathers and singing rock, and despite a banner at the front of the stage before the show began that read “She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless she persisted”, it felt like Byrne wasn’t interested in bringing any modern analysis of the events or politics (much less directly comparing them to any modern events ala Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson). Which feels like a bewilderingly huge missed opportunity.

Otherwise, the performances and music were top notch, and I liked most of Byrnes new compositions (even if some of the early music felt a little samey). The music especially picked up during the trial and interrogation, where I think Byrne really found the story compelling.

Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work is making me want to blog again.


“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.






Thousands of years ago, somebody looked at a flock of sheep and went, “well, they aren’t cold.”

Guys. Guys.

It’s so much better than that.

So once upon a time, goats and sheep were essentially the same animal, and all of them had hair. Now, you can do some stuff with hair, but you can’t do a lot, so mostly sheep/goats were kept for meat and milk.

Except then a mutation showed up, and some of the sheep/goats had WOOL instead. And someone realized that 1. you could spin that shit, and 2. then you could WEAVE that shit, and 3. IT GREW BACK.

Generations of selective breeding ensued. Two visibly discrete species emerged, one primarily for meat and milk, and the other primarily for wool. They also have different behavioural characteristics, because independence was not helpful in a sheep, so it was bred out of them. Sheep remain one of the few non-draft animals that we farm even though they are not delicious.

The most similar part of sheep and goats that remains today is their skeleton. On an archaeological dig, you find THOUSANDS of bones and bone fragments that can only be identified as “sheep/goat”. It’s incredibly frustrating, but also kind of hilarious after you’ve spent enough time in the sun.

ANYWAY, human beings have always been smart and surprisingly good at changing nature because they want a sweater.

The entire knitting community needs to hear this.

Oh man I’m so glad I can add this to my arsenal of responses to people who say all GMOs are made of poison.

Oh my god so THAT’S why the Chinese word for goat and sheep are the same word, they used to be the same species. Despite being Chinese I’ve been confused over this for years. Thank you so much.

Sheep are just mutant goats



Hey it’s Puddles the clown of Puddles Pity Party! I saw him play live once, he’s fantastic.


- If Steven can heal with his spit, he’d have a moral obligation to spend the rest of his life in a hospital, drooling

- Who names their children Sour Cream and Onion? (Yes, I know Vidalia is a kind of onion, but at least it sounds like a name.) Also, Yellow Tail?

- Beach City’s restaurants seem to consist of a pizza place, a french fry place, and a doughnut place. I really hope Steven is eating healthier at home.

- It sure seems like Greg isn’t eating healthy, considering he lives in a van. It’s good at least Steven got to live somewhere with an actual kitchen.

- Steven and Connie’s relationship is more stable and mature than any middle school relationship in the history of the world.

You know, it sounds like heresy, but if I’d made Star Wars (1977), and was making a sequel, one thing I wouldn’t have done is make Vader the father of Luke. Which probably sounds like heresy for a certain population who grew up on this stuff, but in retrospect it’s not only a cheap twist, but it doesn’t really make sense, especially in context of the rest of the movies. If Luke was being hidden from his father, why would he still be using his own last name, and be hanging out on his father’s home planet with is father’s family? And of course I wouldn’t have Leia be Luke’s sister either, which seems equally unlikely and weird. But Luke being Vader’s father wasn’t the idea from the beginning; we know that it wasn’t even thought up until well into the development of Empire, that in Leigh Brackett’s original script for the movie Vader is emphatically not Luke’s father and instead Luke’s father appears as a force ghost.

It makes more sense if Vader is exactly who Obi-Wan says he is in the first movie: the guy who killed Luke’s father and destroyed the Jedi.

Then when you made the prequels you wouldn’t have had the need to focus on this family saga, instead you could have made it straightforwardly about the relationships between Obi-Wan, Vader and Luke’s father.

Another thing I always thought, the first time I heard of the prequels: the second movie of the prequels should have been the one where Vader turns evil. Then the third movie could be about him hunting down and destroying the Jedi. Instead you get that tacked onto Revenge of the Sith, with Yoda’s decision to go into hiding after one fight with the Emperor making no sense at all.

Are there Deviant Art groups I should be a part of now that I’m making comics again? Anyone know about this stuff?

So this is my first comic in about 15 years. I decided to try it again, to do something just for the pleasure of it.

Ira Glass is famous for saying when you begin at something your taste is better than your skill, and that’s true here. The limitations of my abilities are on display, but it’s a start, and hopefully this little adventure is something you’ll get a kick out of. It’s a simple thing, but I enjoyed making it, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

It’s called Maria Hidalgo in the Secret of the Egg






communist icon

the idea that he’s saying this sarcastically is completely horrifying

You know what bugs me? The big push is for health care to be treated as a right, and it should be, but it’s so much easier to feed everyone. People’s medical needs can be very specific and require expert care, while nutritional needs are nearly identical in all humans, and no one needs a Ph.D to put a fork to their mouth. I’ve driven cross-country - we have more than enough corn and soy and potatoes to at least fill everyone’s belly.
Can’t do that though! Making sure everyone can eke by on staple foods is Communism!

Watching the first few episodes of Steven Universe, it’s clear that Steven is a menace and shouldn’t be allowed on missions under any circumstances.

Also “Meat Beat Mania”? Really?

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That’s right, the best sci-fi comedy in a good long time and the first openly queer sci-fi comedy ever is now available to everyone, everywhere. Please, share it with all your friends. Watch the everloving shit out of it. Because the more you do, the easier it’ll be for series creator Paul Feig to pitch season two!

The series features Ghostbusters: Answer the Call actors Karan Soni (Benny) and Neil Casey (Rowan), as well as Mystery Science Theater 3000 alumni Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu.

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump:

Shame them. Start with Diane Feinstein


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, this twitter account is posting the names and photos (when available) of refugees turned away from America who became victims of Naziism. #NoBanNoWall #RefugeesWelcome 

(Please leave this caption in place.)

Trump will require all EPA science to be screened by political staffers



  • The Secret of the Egg